Traveling can be daunting especially if you are a novice or an introvert. Imagine traveling to a place for the first time and you did not do enough research on the weather, currency, or even places to see. It can be overwhelming. That aside there are instances where you get to the destination airport and it turns out your ‘Yellow Fever Card’ is fake OR you arrive and your bag was left behind. The initial plan was to create a simple travel website but I realized the SITA APIs could help me build something better, and useful for passengers. A 2019 global passenger airport survey from IATA shows that users want more control of their trip, track their baggage, and know wait times at checkpoints.

What it does

Leveraging on SITA APIs, customers can get relevant information about their trip. Weather API - see the weather at your destination. Get suggestions on what to pack

*Flight Information API *- Get the status of your flight, Gate information, Scheduled time of flight, and so on

Baggage API - Users get real-time tracking information about their baggage as they travel and the carousel to pick up their bag when they arrive.

Boarding Pass API - Trippp generates boarding pass for you based on the flight number and user name

Wait Time API - show the user the current wait time at queues/checkpoints In addition, Trippp shows you hotels, apartments, restaurants, resorts, and so on based on your preferences. You also get relevant information about your destination (COVID Guidelines, required travel documents, etc).


I would have loved to bring Trippp to life via animations and voice-over. I just had to stick with a simple vector image + text to relay information. Another challenge was integrating with the APIs. I kind of procrastinated and did not get enough time to execute the project the way I would have wanted.


Gained more insights on the aviation industry and the workshops provided by SITA taught me how to:

  • Work on my ideas (personas, user journey,
  • Create a business model canvas
  • Pitch my idea to investors
  • The benefit of research before designing your UI (user interface) and why UX (user experience) is important.
  • Stop procrastinating

What's next for Trippp

First I’ll take a moment to breathe :). I plan on refining the idea better and hopefully launch in the future.

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