We were inspired by the road trips we took during breaks.

What it does

This Android app allows users to see the route overview of each road trip. A packing list and expense list is available to organize the trip in a more orderly manner. In addition, they can save their memories onto a gallery for future viewing.

How I built it

We use rails and postgresql at the backend as an API route for the data that we have and we used android studio IDE to make the android app

Challenges I ran into

During the process of building the app, we ran into issues setting up the Google play store on the Android emulator, Genymotion. We also ran into some issues hooking up the data from the backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learn ruby on rails and postgresql and we also learn about how to make andoid app.

What I learned

I learned how to build in an environment with more than one developer, and to resolve merge conflicts that arose. With the Trippin' app, I learned to construct the front end of an Android app with Android Studio. This learning experience includes using Java and xml to design the app.

What's next for Tripping'

We hope to take the app to the next level by integrating with the Wolfram Alpha API to allow for the user to explore cities along the way to the destination.

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