Why Tripper?

We believe a trip is about the journey, not the destination. More often than not, when you are going to events, there are other people, similar to you, nearby, who will be taking the same route as you. We wanted to connect people to reduce the cost of travel, growing pollution problems and the burden of traveling all alone, to provide a revolutionary travel experience. Our solution? Tripper.

What it does?

Don’t just make trips, but make memories instead. Tripper turns your cumbersome trip into an enjoyable journey by connecting you to people who are travelling on the same route as you. You can either use our chat bot or web app to enter your destination and we will find you travel buddies for your journey. The app then lets you chat with your travel buddies to get to know them better before your journey. Additionally the app also determines the safest route for your journey

How it works?

Our server is written using Node.js and hosted on Linode with a MongoDB as our database. The server can be queried for directions and the server then queries Detroit’s open data portal to optimize the route using crime data to avoid dangerous routes. Our multi-platform web app is written in javascript as well. Our mapping systems are created using arcGIS from Esri, which is what calculates directions for our app. These services interface with our Facebook chat bot and use facebook as an authentication provider. Lastly, our internal chat system is created using Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Building a great optimization tool required us to dig deep into the apis. Not only we wanted to build a tool that found the crossing paths of many hackers, but also a routeing system that avoids areas that are more dangerous too.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to also build a chat-bot on Facebook that uses AI to converse with the user.

What's next for Tripper?

Expand the web service into a full fledged social network for avid travellers and adventurers. Incorporate crime data from more cities. Work on our AI to the facebook chat bot for the service Suggest itineraries for upcoming trips.

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