Let's say you have decided to visit Helsinki for a weekend. You know the timing for your flights, and know the sights you want to visit.

However, you still need to book your accommodation as well as plan your transportation throughout the weekend.

Given the number of possible combinations of hotel prices, and the possible ways for planning your days, optimizing your timetable and accomodation becomes a daunting problem.

But no worries, Tripper (by the Homer.fi) is here to help you out!

The only things the user needs to do, is:

  1. Input your arrival and departure time of your flights.
  2. Select the attractions you want to visit
  3. Give Tripper a moment to crunch the numbers
  4. Check out Tripper's suggestion
  5. Book your hotel!


Technologies used: React, redux, graphql, webpack, npm

APIs used: digitransit routing API, digitransit geocoding API, Helsinki city service map

Behind the scenes: A solver for the traveling salesman problem

Hope you like it!

Presentation slides:


By Homer.fi:

Antti@homer.fi, Antti Aalto Thomas@homer.fi, Thomas Miyauchi Rainer@homer.fi, Rainer Kujala (+358 50 505 7657) Eliel@homer.fi, Eliel Niukkanen

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