One of the team members (Alex) was in town from Virginia and didn't know the area at all, but the other team member (Andrew), was a local, so the idea of making a tourist app for Andrew to show Alex around seemed like a natural idea.

What it does

Simply point your phone’s camera at various landmarks and TrippAR will tell you about it!

TrippAR will also make suggestions about nearby landmarks and let you catch an Uber ride to them!

How we built it

Using BlippAR as the front end with a backend talking to various APIs. Seem Google Slides presentation for more detail:

Challenges we ran into

Getting the BlippAR API to do the weird things we needed it to do. We also tried to get Watson (IBM Bluemix) integrated but had a difficult time working with their API and ultimately, couldn't get BlippAR to play the WAV file coming back from it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fun working prototype that a city like Stamford could actually start using today!

What we learned

Start with something inspiring or exciting, even if it's small (like a silly little BlippAR minecraft demo), and let your ideas and project come from that. And have fun!!

What's next for TrippAR

It would be great to add more landmarks to it. It would also be really cool to add more interactivity and visual candy like 3D models interacting with the landmark.

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