Our team believes that air traveling should be more easy and more user-friendly. We have been working on our main app Tripmatch for 6 months already. For Junction we went further and made a brand new second app with new functionality to take you flying next weekend.

What it does

Our app relies on maximum interaction simplicity. You only need to tell us which city you're located in and press one button. Then you can browse through the best destinations to go, have an overview of prices (airport transfer, hotel, lunch, coffee) and an average weather in the destination city. Like what you see? With one more click you can check tickets and book them through Skyscanner. Share it with your friends to go together!

How I built it

We used Java, Spring, AngularJS, Skyscanner API, Flickr API and some to build on top of our previous app. The app is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

We have been waiting for Skyscanner API for a long time, but luckily we have got our access in advance. We have a great team with great software developers, so for our goal MVP we did not have any problems. Of course, more time would be awesome :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team has won multiple awards in Estonia from Skype, University of Tartu, Garage48 for our previous product. This weekend we created a great new app that we're going to take to stage many times and hope to win even more awards. Also we cracked into some new ideas, technologies and APIs this weekend to improve our main app.

What I learned

Microsoft Azure, Flickr API, AngularJS. How to survive in Finland :)

What's next for Tripmatch

We're going to participate in biggest entrepreneurship competition in Estonia Ajujaht in two weeks already. Our team is very strong and we enjoy working together, so we are looking forward into continuing our work.

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