TripMan uses your chosen interests to make you a calendar of events and happenings that you are guaranteed to enjoy and manages your time by strategically scheduling your events so that you have enough time in between to eat, sleep, and travel.

How TripMan Works: First navigate to our main page and create an account on TripMan. Once you create an account, you will be taken to quiz page that asks for your trip destination, dates of travel, and interests (ex Beach, cafe, diner). Once you set your travel preferences from the quiz page, your travel plan will be laid out for you. Once logged in, you have access through your home profile page to edit your trip and your travel plan will automatically change based on your new options that are selected.

APIs used: We used Firebase and Google Maps API in our project, and are in the process of incorporating Yelp API and Google Calendar API into the website. The Firebase API database system is being used to store user travel preferences as well as user login information. The Google Maps API is used to select actual locations in real time for the user to find. The Yelp and Google Calendar API are part of the algorithm we are developing that will plan your travel based on Yelp destinations and plot it out on a Google Calendar for TripMan users.

Future plans: In the future, we plan to further develop our website to fully use Yelp API and Google Calendar API in our algorithm and have full functionality of our website.

Our GitHub Repo: Website is currently hosted at:

Made by Jayleen Li, Lindsey Nguyen, Anu Polisetty, Deni Stoyanova

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