We really liked the cooperative aspect in the VR game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, so we wanted to incorporate that kind of communicative problem solving into minesweeper.

What it does

This is not your normal minesweeper game that we all know and love! There are two players: a VR player who is blind to the actual minesweeper maze and non VR device player who can see parts of the minesweeper field as the VR player walks around. Both players must communicate to make sure the VR player doesn't step on any bombs. There is also an added challenge for the VR player to dodge obstacles that come to them during the game. The player can also destroy these objects by 'yeeting' the floor blocks at the flying objects. :)

How I built it

We created the VR environment using A-frame, a web based VR library that makes it extremely easy to create VR projects using HTML and Javascript. For our multiplayer element, we used firebase as our serverless database

Challenges I ran into

We had a hard time finalizing an idea for our project because we weren't experienced in VR and didn't know the point of using VR for a game versus just using the simple mouse and keyboard. After talking to experienced mentors who taught us the fundamentals of what makes a VR game interesting, we decided this idea as our project as it was a good use of VR as well as a good mix with the cooperative aspect that we wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of making our first VR game!

What I learned

We learned that Firebase can be great but also can be super annoying.

What's next for Mineyeeter

We want to create more stress for the VR player by adding a mini shooter game where they have to defeat enemies as the non-VR player rushes to figure out where the bombs are to quickly get the VR player out. Right now we have obstacles that come towards the player but we could always expand on it

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