Triply was a result of our desire to combine multiple elements of a user's travel experience into one simple, easy to use app and eliminate common traveling pains.

What it does

This app will plan your entire trip, from your initial destination to the airport, through the flight and all the way to your final destination. It'll take care of everything.

How we built it

Our team built this app using Xcode, Swift4, and Objective-C.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a UI that truly brings the entire experience of traveling into one easily accessible, user friendly experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create an interface that is able to automatically rebook a flight that has been canceled, eliminating the hassle for both the user and the airline. With this feature, the user no longer has to call customer service and go through a painful process. Also, keeping the theme of easy access in mind, we were able to create a one touch Uber service, to remove the need to switch apps while navigating an airport.

What we learned

How to improve customer experience with a beautiful UI, and also create value for the airline by automating processes.

What's next for Triply

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