One of our members recently saw a local news story about how local recycling centers are going out of business, so people lose their incentive to return their recyclables.

What It Does

The purpose of TripleR is to help create awareness in our community about the current recycling crisis. Though many public areas and households practice recycling, what many do not understand is that over half the things they recycle cannot be reused. Companies are unwilling to use manpower and money to sort out the recycling, and so, if they find items in a recycling batch that have un-recyclable items, they throw everything out. Through this process, we are wasting essential resources.

TripleR helps combat this issue by using volunteers and providing a monetary incentive for sorting recycling. Many times, elderly individuals sort through trash in their free time to separate the recyclable waste. When they take it to recycling centers, they are paid for the recyclable material they produce. Our app helps them better locate where they can find items to sort. Other members using this app can also help by informing volunteers when a recycle can is full.

We hope to create a more green environment through this app while rewarding the members of society who make it happen.

What's Next

We hope to partner up with local colleges and malls to integrate our software to help make the CA recycling system better.

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