Executive Summary To successfully halt unwanted robocalls, stop them at the source. The Triple-Two Tag system described here uses existing technology, can easily be rolled out by the FTC, and will effectively halt the unscrupulous robocaller at the point of origin. The system architecture utilizes the already operational Vertical Service Code (VSC) and leverages the power of crowd sourcing for halting robocalls and robotext messages. With this system, the recipient of a robocall or robotext will simply dial the Triple-Two Tag, the VSC *222 (touchtone) or 11222 (rotary), to tag the call. Tagging the call will initiate immediate call blocking and reporting of the robocall. Once a call or text receives a Triple-Two Tag, the system will block the caller from contacting the recipient, identify the source of the robocall, and, if the call is illegal, eliminate the robocall source.

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