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Planning your ride through the city is a whole lot easier with TripGo! You can choose the most efficient, fastest, or cheapest route with our real-time city transit app.

We’re the only app who offers you to mix your trips and combine public and private transport options! Starting by train but then need a cab? We’ll factor that in for you. Leaving on your bike and need a car share later? No problem for us. Tell us your preferences and we’ll present the best options for you.

With TripGo you can plan your route, check timetables and get live service alerts. One of our best features: Connect your calendar to get automatic trips & leave alerts.

We connect public transport (bus, train, ferry, tram, subway, metro, funicular) with private and other transport options such as taxi, Uber, shuttle services, car routes and car sharing, motorbike, cycle routes, bike sharing and walking. Don’t forget to sync TripGo with your calendar!

TripGo already works in 9 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Traditional & Simplified Chinese).

How we built it

Our app is based on a multi-modal routing algorithm developed in Java, that combines public and private transport options and also considers the user preferences regarding time, money, environment and convenience.

We are already in near 100 cities all over the world, and for this challenge we have worked in incorporating São Paulo to this list. In order to do that we use:

Challenges we ran into

Being the largest South American city means that the interconnection network between roads and public services is a real challenge. We are working on tuning the size and shape of the region considered, and the amount of services included, to try to cover as much as possible.

What's next for TripGo in São Paulo

We are working on including park and ride places to our system, whenever available, which will allow our app to suggest our users to drive to them, park their cars in there, and then travel to the city center on public transportation, therefore reducing urban traffic congestions.

Our app is also capable of delivering results in real-time: Up-to-the minute information on predicted departure/arrival times, GPS locations and service alerts for public transport. We plan to incorporate this feature for São Paulo, and for that, we need to work on connecting our App to the Real-Time API provided by SPTrans.

We are already working in the Portuguese translation for our app, that will be live soon. We will also keep working on adding as much services as possible and also include service providers allowing bookings and payment for their services.

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