How awesome would it be if you could search for where people with the same interests are going on vacation? We created an app that does just that, wether you want to to search for people that hashtagged justinbieber or scuba diving. Some of the technologies that was used for this project was deep integration with Twitter's streaming API, Crashlytics, Digits, Expedia's API and potentially Coinbase. The PHP API's used for the native iOS application is hosted with and the NodeJS apps are hosted with Modulus.

By streaming all of the Twitter content and storing those with geotags, we were able to store all tweets from fans, scuba divers, travelers and party people all over the world and setup a sophisticated algorithm to analyze where and how many travelers/Tweeters went there and suggest other travelers to go to the same location. The simple booking process we created takes away all of the hasles when booking a group vacation even making it possible to share with friends or match with a stranger that have the same interests(followers, hashtags & mentions) as the user.

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