TripColor is the easiest way to create travel blog on iPhone.

When you are traveling overseas, you might not have internet at all. Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare/Instagram don't work when there's no internet. With TripColor, you can still blog with text and photo, all the posts will be uploaded to Evernote automatically when network is available again.

All posts are arranged according to the date of the photos taken. Maps are automatically generated based on gps info of the photos. The only thing users need to do is to take photos and blog, we take care of everything else to create a collection of gorgeous Evernote notebooks as well as web blog.

Key Features

  • GORGEOUS Evernote notebook and web blog created for you
  • work totally fine with NO INTERNET
  • INTERACTIVE MAP to highlight your entire travel route - CITY and COUNTRY NAMES are retrieved automatically based on GPS info
  • SHARE your trip on Evernote through Facebook/Twitter/Email
  • REFERENCE other traveler's day-by-day, location-by-location itinerary for your next dream vacation
  • MAIL PRINTED POSTCARDS to family and friends

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