Ya'll ever wanted to travel but just didnt want to plan it out? We got you fam! With Don't Trip we be tripping for you. What our program does is basically you choose a location to visit, "Where we dropping, ya'll?", ya'll feel me and our program USING Google's cloud platform, Google Maps will generate a travel plan for you! This travel plan includes mysterious resturants and highly favorable landmarks... maybe.... we didnt really check. But it'll get you from point B... to C... to D... all the way to G (please dont ask what happened to A.. we dont know either).

On a serious note we did not have enough time to finish what we wanted to finish, but here is a product anyways! My team - Anthony Esmeralda, Dan Tablac, and Tristan Samonte - utillized the GoogleMaps API to create a Trip Planner, called "Don't Trip (We Got You)". Because UI got a little out of hand, our program prints out an itinerary with locations near a specified area (i.e. a city), alongside directions and commute times between each destination.

Python Version: Python3 Run using the following command: python generatePlan.py python server.py

If you were interested in the UI draft, run: python server.py python requestplan.py. You'll need to run a new instance of the server each time you run requestplan after the first attempt.

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