I love to travel and enjoy time to recall my trips. For the memory, I always try to write down my trip routes and save photos and my feelings. But sometimes, it is not always easy to remember every moment. So I need something to remember my trip routes on behalf of myself.

What it does

It automatically save the places where I'd been once I start a new trip. And It shows them in a map. And in the same page, I can add comments and photos. It make my record for the trip perfect. Even it make it possible to share your travel via Facebook. As well as trip itself, the aftermath process will give me a great happiness and good memory.

How to use

Starting the app, there is a list of your trip.(Of course, at first, there is empty list) When you go to travel, push start button, this will activate your trip tracking. After finishing your trip, stop the trip. Then, you can see the travel in your list. (first screen) By selecting the trip, you can see summary of your trip day by day. In the summary screen, you can see maps that contains your trip routes. Now, you add some comments of your feeling or short description and photos which were taken during your trip. In one screen, you can memorize your trip perfectly. And share your trip routes on Facebook.

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