We are typical CMU students who don't go off campus during weekends. Since we have trouble deciding where to go and don't know many of the attractions in the area, we can use the awesome Planner to plan our whole weekend outing! Now we don't even have to think about where to go!

What it does

Picks several popular and fun attractions that are between our start and end locations and makes a trip. Also shows the estimated time and distance between each of the places in between.

How we built it

Through TA help and teamwork.

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing and having to explore the capabilities of the Google Maps API and Google Places. Not having much experience in web-app programming We didn't know each other prior to the Hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a Webapp to work even though we have no/ little prior experience.

What we learned

The API's are really powerful: fully learn its capabilities before diving in coding.

What's next for Planner

Support locations for multiple purposes such as shopping, volunteering, etc and customise the trip based on the category of attractions the user wants. Share trip with your friends! Export to google calendar!

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