Designed to suggest 'road trips' for people who have certain interests in mind. For example, a user can select 'Nightlife' and/or 'Shopping' and/or 'Museums', and will get different road trip routes across the world that satisfy her interests

To do this, we scraped Wikipedia's populous cities, queried Foursquare for the "top pick" places in the cities we scraped (through their top pick / explore APIs).

Our algorithms produce a graph of all populous cities in the world where every vertix represents a city, and contains a 'vector' describing the activities offered by the city (the vector contains scores for 'beaches', 'night life', 'outdoors', 'art', ... ) -- this vector data was built off hueristics from data mined from Foursquare. We connected vertices with weighted edges (where edge weight indicates the time it takes to drive from one city to another according to Google Driving APIs).

We use artificial intelligence algorithms (a variation of local search) to do this. The results are phenomenal. The last 2 images are screen shots from our app but the first 2 are our own data visualizations.

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