Growing up we would just make it a day and got get our favorite foods and combine them into one meal, this inpired me to build a progressive date site. It has been fun going around town trying differant places to experience these trio's nothing like doing some field research ;)

What it does

This app is where users can find and share a Trio. A Trio is a progressive date made up of three destinations for a fun time on the town.

How I built it

Trio Share is build on azure, using azure search as the search engine and a combination of angulr.js and the razor engine for the markup.

Challenges I ran into

I really wanted to get to know angular.js so i went with that. So most of my challengers where just learning and applying angular.js to my application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a one man team i feel that i have accomplished alot with this application in a short amount of time i was able to dedicate to the project.

What I learned

I learned alot, angular.js and azure search. Both surprisingly are easy to use and get up running very quickly. I have experience with solr search engine so that helped alot with learning azure search.

What's next for Trio Share

Trio share is live at, I plan on continuing growing this application. If everyone has as much fun as i did going out on these dates I think Trio Share will be big.

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