Inspired by the millions of students around the world who swear that if they were just in another country travelling their lives would be so much better. We assure you that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

What it does

The website collects reviews on the worst restaurants, hotels, and attractions and creates the worst possible itinerary for each city around the world. Based on the user’s deepest desires, it outputs the worst possible places to be in their dream city. The site also hosts a chat, comment, and like component where you can discuss itineraries and particularly distasteful sites. In the spirit of social distancing but still bringing people together, the website also utilises a matching algorithm to match similar itineraries together, allowing you to find a travel buddy for the worst trip ever.

How We built it

This project was built on sheer determination and iMovie.

In all seriousness, this project was built with a variety of different tools as we all brought our unique perspective to the table.

Front-end: React Typescript Javascript

Back-end: Node.js Express.js Firebase Twilio API Places API

Design: Figma

For greater detail, please check out our video!

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we encountered was finding the review data. It seems like no one wants to report on terrible establishments but we were able to find out a way to get the data we needed (shout out to the Places API). Another issue was connecting the front-end and the back-end but we did it woo-hoo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works for the most part! We worked together to create a fully functioning front end and had very smooth design to developer handoff, implemented machine learning algorithms for the second time ever, and created a web app in multiple languages!

What we learned

Some restaurants are really disgusting. Oh, and we all learned a lot about full-stack development and how to integrate APIs and databases.

What's next for Trinogo

Increase functionality and create new features. First, we get reviews on all the restaurants in the world, next, world domination.

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