There are many powerful tools available to developers, and new tools are being developed at a breakneck pace, but keeping up with all of it can be daunting even for seasoned coders, let alone those new to programming.

What it does

Trinity is a language that can replicate the functionality of any other language using the same syntax for each application. Therefore, it can be used for all development and data serialization purposes.

How I built it

I developed a markup language called ONE+ prior to the hackathon (available on my github: Kaeon-ACE). I developed Trinity on top of the sytax defined by ONE+. Both ONE+ and Trinity are currently implemented in Java.

Challenges I ran into

Given the innovative yet unorthodox nature of the project, I found it difficult to explain to people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think this could prove extremely useful down the line, and many people seemed to share that view after seeing it first hand.

What's next for Trinity

I may be using it as my go to development tool in the near future, and should that be the case I plan on making it publicly available.

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