Inspiration: We felt the need to re innovate the current process and make life easy for the customers , hence our application took birth.

What it does: It provides a hazzle free and cost effective method of resolving customer queries irrespective of the platform at one place and best of all , the customer is not charged in any way.

How I built it: This has taken into consideration the various languages that are listed in the above.

Challenges I ran into: Deployment into azure or blue mix was a big challenge . Twilio ran into some troubles when calling with estonian numbers outside estonia.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We proudly have a fully built working prototype which can be released on the market , and we already have a few customers who are very keen in using our services.

What I learned: Team work , learning of new languages , adaptability to turn minus to plus and resolving the bugs in a effective way.

What's next for Tringer: We need to do some market research and have it going its way to the market and make the customers happy.

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