An incident that took place in our home while one of our friend ran into a situation where none of our friend was available and he was wounded one of our fellow mate (female) gone through a molestation act in his locality

How it works

It basically sends a alarm message to numbers registered by the victim ,on 4 times click of power key , it keep sending until the victim personally switch off the app , there one more feature that provides user security from phone theft

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to send notifications and use volume keys during a broadcast service in android

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we successfully developed the beta version :P

What I learned

the in-doors of development and how to work in a group

What's next for Tring-Tring can be integrated with the drons to provide live feeds can be integrated with the pebble watches 3.government can provide this service as an sos feature 4.companies like ola cab,meru cab,uber can use it for their users as well as their drivers

Built With

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