A lot of solo travelers visit Nepal and at various tourist spots there are fake tourist guides or the place is closed. So, why limit the tour experience? With the most common electronics device in our pocket the mobile phone, we can drastically improve the experience. A tour guide may restrict the experience of a tourist by only providing them a limited knowledge or access but with the mobile phone, it provides liberty to explore anywhere. A mobile phone can be informative, BUT?? everyone does that. So, What unique experience do we give?

What it does

A tourist can install our app, create their profile and go on exploration. Our application also recommends good tourist places. The uniqueness is we do it in 'Augmented Reality'. Why Augmented Reality? AR enhances the experiences of a real-life object by making it more interactable. With our app, a tourist can go to a monument/artifact and can see the information in augmented reality. The information card will be overlaid on the monument/artifact. The user using our app can gain information in more interactive way. Even if the site is closed.

How we built it

We built our cross-platform mobile application using flutter. And we implemented the augmented reality using 'Vuforia SDK' which provides tools to make Augmented objects.

Challenges we ran into

As we were restricted within the perimeter of our hackathon, we couldn't make an marker of real-life object, but for our MVP we Augmented 2D images as markers. Also, we wanted to make 3D scan of entire room which we weren't able to due to lack of necessary hardware. As our team is new to unity and Augmented Reality, we couldn't make our project as interactable as we thought, but some level of interaction is available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create our MVP using 2D image marker and to emulate a real-life object, we used an cardboard box and create its 3D model.

What we learned

We can achieve anything if we are constrained (by time in this hackathon). Although, we couldn't make our project complete, we were able to make it usable and we deliver our MVP. We also learned about task and time management. Also sleep management. Our beginner member was able to understand react-native code within such short span of time. Not only building the application, we also learned how to present it in an interesting manner.

What's next for Trinetra - Your self guide

Trinetra has a lot of potential to improve. Technically, we could create entire 'area-target' of an space and augment it in an virtual space. Moreover, we can improvise our application by using 'Geo-location AR' to better locate the marker. Not only for the artifacts/monuments, this application can be used to augment any thing to make the tour experience even better.

From the business perspective, we nepalese are blessed with infinite source of tourism. Therefore, there is plenty of option for collaboration with different parties like: travel companies, local tourist spots and even Nepal Tourism Board. Hence, we can generate stable revenue and can help promote tourism of Nepal

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