TriMap is an image creation program on an isometric projection grid that runs in any web browser.

It can be used for:

  • sketching 3d maps
  • creating optical illusions
  • playing around with isometric drawing

Built using HTML5 Canvas, TriMap is an interactive web page where you create drawing elements from the sidebar and then drag them around on the isometric grid. Drawing elements:

  • Tiles
  • Walls
  • 1/2 Walls
  • Stairs
  • Doors
  • Tokens to represent characters

TriMap was written by Grinnell College students Pouya Mahdi Gholami '20, Griffin Mareske '20, and Philip Kiely '20 at HackISU '17. TriMap was written using the Konva library and was inspired by a reddit post. It is available under the GPL version 3 license.

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