We wanted to create a platform in which the music dJay can directly interact with its attendees.

Tens of thousands of events occur every single year and we believe that Trill-Play will revolutionize the music world by bridging this gap. This could be the next big thing as it will change how people interact all over the world.

What it does

Trill allows DJs across the globe host a "party" during an event where users can join in and Suggest Songs. The suggested songs are updated live into a party playlist where everyone can upvote and downvote songs. The songs are then automatically played in vote order.

How I built it

We created our own database to store user data and for instant notifications. We created our web-application using materialize and our iOS application was built using Swift. We are using the Youtube and Spotify API's to stream our music data.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Integrating with our static products.
  2. Putting everything together to create a live product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Getting both our iOS and Web Clients to be synced live, without much lag and streamed music efficiently.
  2. Creating a very simplistic UI/UX design that is convenient to use. ## What I learned

What's next for Trill

We have a lot of ideas planned for Trill. We want to expand to Android platform and we are currently in the process of creating an algorithm that would mix in and out the next songs.

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