SMART is a great tool for recording incidents and is used by experts BUT:

  • There is no way for the public to report poaching incidents, intelligence on poachers, wildlife trafficking, and details of human-wildlife conflict
  • Most people near protected areas only have feature phones
  • Needs to use local languages, including terminology that relate to local issues and local branding
  • No way to reward individuals or communities who support their protection efforts

What it does

Trill allows the community to contribute to conservation efforts. They are able to send texts to the SMART interface currently only available to rangers, and these are then fed in to the database to create information on poaching related activities, including likely precursors including theft of supplies for poaching. With high enough adoption Trill could be used to predict where poaching will happen next by compiling trills in an area. This would allow rangers to prevent it rather than just cleaning up the mess.

But why not just use smart? The big advantage of trill is it’s usability for the user and on set-up. It is:

  • Customisable for Local Rangers
  • Uses Local Dialects & Slang
  • Doesn’t require an education
  • A Familiar Experience (prepaid recharge)
  • Free & Anonymous�Suitable for both Feature & Smart Phones
  • Provides Accurate GPS Locations

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our number works. Try it at: +441485205011. Try texting keywords like trap or lion to see the contextual awareness.

What we learned

Set up the demo before your time starts!

What's next for Trill

But does it scale? To launch Trill we would need these things:

  • SMART instances exist in a lot of the places we’d target and is rolling out further
  • Twilio is free to humanitarian causes
  • Local set up to enter slang words, etc., for the database. This gets buy in at a - ranger level.
  • Funding for text service so it's free to users
  • Awareness campaign so people know when to use it, how, and why

Beyond this we would like to: Add security Add functionality:

  • Geo referenced images
  • Images of fingerprints
  • Recorded confessions
  • Wildlife observations
  • MMS from feature phones
  • Extendable API
  • Phone bot functionality with voice Snazzier UI Increase inter-operability with other systems
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