98% of crypto investors don’t understand what they’re buying, and it’s not their fault when there are 1,000s of highly technical projects in an unregulated market. So, almost everyone relies on recommendations, and over 90% of users trust influencers’ for their investment decision. Whereas influencers must set up their own website, social media channels, and payment links to monetize their community. This reduces trust amongst their audience as users feel uncomfortable paying through lesser-known websites or unverified links. Everyone is forced to use centralized platforms and manually copy trade recommendations.

What it does

Trikl is like on-chain Patreon and growing continuously to become more. We solve the above-mentioned issues with a transparent, on-chain, secure platform that helps influencers create a strong monetizable community, curates the best recommendations, and allows users to be a part of exclusive communities.

Challenges we ran into

Simplicity is the key driver of mass adoption and community interactions. Currently, DeFi applications tend to be overly complicated for an average user. Our biggest challenge was to strike a balance between:

  • Prioritizing user’s interest: utmost user security; complete user control and ownership; censorship-resistance
  • Simple UI/UX: we built a fast and easy-to-understand interface; removed redundant wallet signatures,

How we built it

Trikl is built on Polygon blockchain and uses the following tools to run our dApp:

  • Blockchain: Deployed and verified on Polygon Testnet (Mumbai), trikl uses a smart contract ( solidity ) to secure transactions and transaction records
  • Storage: both user data & website hosting are powered by IPFS decentralized storage.
  • Hosting: Spheron Protocol is used to host the website frontend on Filecoin.
  • APIs and web3 integration: Moralis is used for user authentication ( Metamask ) to interact with IPFS data and the Smart-contract functions. Alchemy nodes are used to interact with the blockchain.
  • Simple UI/UX: Frontend is built with ReactJs and Tailwind CSS. Trikl provides the best of both worlds - benefits of blockchain and ease of usage - by limiting wallet signatures to authentication and payments and yet storing data with decentralized nodes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We’ve built a first-of-its-kind on-chain yet super simple community-first platform that is helping content creators.
  • We got selected India’s No. 1 Web3 Accelerator - Launch Camp by Foundership
  • We’re a part of Together Fund’s BUIDL Together program

What we learned

Every crypto expert is also a content creator. They’ve their own community, and people follow them not just for buy/sell recommendations but primarily for their insights and advice. When talking to users, we found that users are quite loyal to the creators they follow. Currently, crypto-social investing platforms lack this creator-user interaction. Thus, users only join these platforms to get higher returns; when they don’t, they just leave. As content creators for over 3 years, we understand the problem and thus took the step to take this challenge to solve.

What's next for Trikl

We're starting to onboard early users. As a next step, we'd be enabling copy & signal trading on our platform. This would enable users to copy trading signals and get investing tips from the creators they follow. We want to grow Trikl into a social DeFi community, helping billions of people to easily learn and invest in web3.

Roadmap -

  • Add Community Members: Users can follow their favorite creators, engage with them over closed community discussions and get genuine, trusted advice using a transparent on-chain platform - Trikl

  • Post Content: Community members can share posts, and videos, go live, and fully interact/engage with each other. Creators can efficiently share advice, recommendations, and content around - education, entertainment, and their web3 experience

  • Mimic Trades & Portfolios: Verified and experienced creators can share their high-earning portfolios/trades. Their followers can instantly clone trades and earn a high return on investment with zero research and effort.

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