We do farming. We produce organic vegetables and fruits and wanted to offer the produce to the local neighborhood and this was the inspiration to develop an app for our need of selling. We started off with a WhatsApp group, but after realizing handling orders was cumbersome, hence it paved the way for development of Triguz! We realized that many local shops and similar establishments have got the same problem and therefore we decided to make a standard application to offer to an extended audience such as these small size sellers.

What it does

A seller can create a group and add their members onto the group and sell their products to that group. Perhaps, Triguz solves the challenge of creating the most ideal social network based market place

How we built it

We used react-native to create the mobile application and the backend is a collection of microservices created using azure functions.

Challenges we ran into

We used Azure Active Directory as a authentication provider but had a difficulty in collecting authentication token from our react-native UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As of now several users started Triguz and they are pretty much happy with the features that the application offers.

What we learned

Mostly we were working in the backend application development till now, and with Triguz we went full stack application development that can immediately bring in an impact in the neighborhood.

What's next for Triguz

After gaining a significant traction, building a revenue model around Triguz by charging a margin from the sellers on the aggregated transactions on a monthly basis. Secondly, recommending preferred product choices based on their past purchase patterns of buyers. Thirdly building a module of inventory management for sellers and prevent loss of sales in the system.

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