Mechanical Keyboards sound like typewriters

What it does

Its a game where the goal is to type the given paragraph accurately and more quickly than your opponents. You can see your opponents progress in real time. When a player finishes a paragraph, the gun in the middle attempts to fire on a random player (one of the ones that didn't finish, Russian roulette style). The last player to survive wins.

How I built it

Grails 3 application, deployed to Elastic Beanstalk (AWS). AngularJS with WebSockets for real time communication

Challenges I ran into

WebSocket connections, Untypable characters (MS Word's slant quotes, UTF conversion artifacts, etc), Event driven modelling. WebSocket requests are not real grails requests and therefore have no sessino so Hibernatte cannot be used for storage...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

A lot.

What's next for TriggerType

Chris will likely work with it for a few more weeks.

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