Introducing Triggerfox – a mobile app that helps you master relationships with generosity. We believe thoughtful acts of generosity are the key to building strong personal and professional relationships. Triggerfox makes it easy to share your knowledge, personalized gifts and handwritten cards right from your iPhone.

The Problem: It’s no secret that being successful at work is directly related to how strong your relationships are with coworkers, prospects, and customers. Yet so many of us neglect to follow-up and keep-in-touch with the people who matter most to our success. Maintaining relationships is not easy – they take time and energy. Studies have shown that an individual can really only maintain 150 relationships, yet most professionals maintain a network of over 400 contacts. The result is that relationships suffer and eventually you lose touch with those people.

How it works:

  1. We start by consolidating all your contacts in one spot ( , LinkedIn, iOS Address book, Gmail, etc.)

  2. We then alert you when an important relationship starts getting cold based on our engagement strength algorithm. We also surface any relevant relationship insights such as job changes, congratulatory events, etc.

  3. We make it very easy to take thoughtful actions on any relationship insight. For example, you can send a real handwritten greeting card or personalized gift from your iPhone.

Download the Triggerfox iPhone App here:

Demo User Login credentials: Email: Password: Triggerfox!

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