We all know how difficult it can be to get outside and get some exercise. It's especially hard when there is little if any motivation. Thankfully, activity tracker applications like Strava and MapMyRun have added a social component to exercise, which helps motivate users by allowing them to see their friends' workouts - but still, this often isn't quite enough to get the most stubborn of us off our couches and on our bicycles. This is where Trifecta comes in. Trifecta is a betting engine built upon existing activity trackers, and provides an unrivalled boost in motivation to exercise. Trifecta allows you to create bets for yourself or against your friends on different exercises that you define. It allows participation in curated challenges aimed at driving the user towards earning points in order to bet against their friends and peers. Trifecta truly brings the excitement of gaming into your exercise life.

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