Considering the fact that the e-commerce industry is booming we wanted to lend a hand to the suburban community by providing them a platforrm to promote their businesses, standards of living and in turn increasing the economy globally. The pandemic has been very difficult for the visually impaired as they couldn't step out of their houses at the same time there was no existing online shopping platform that provided accessibility to them.

What it does

TriFacto, our website emphasizes on three unique features as follows:

  1. It is a one-stop destination to provide accesssibility for all visually impaired people.. 2.It helps small businesses by classifying them based on their current stock market values . 3.To build rural communities who are skilled in a particular field and provide them with employment opportunities by being a medium to connect demand and supply

How we built it

The unique features of our platform that makes us stand out globally is that it includes accessibility to “visually impaired people”, providing them an aid to purchase products online. This feature has been implemented by using WebSpeechAPI where in, the visually diabled/impaired section of people could hover over the contents in a website, in return which would be converted into speech to help them make an online purchase possible and independent.

Speech to text conversion would also be provided, where they can search for a product, add to cart, or ‘voice searching’ in general, which would make their online purchase easier. Rural people who are skilled in a particular domain/field (Arts&crafts, weaving, pottery etc) together form as a community and enroll themselves in their nearby Government cooperative societies.

Whenever an order is placed via our platform (TriFacto), the order is taken up by the and distributed to the nearest centers of the cooperative societies where in our platform acts as a medium to link demand and supply. Orders are taken on a contract basis which helps the rural community to improve their standards of living, improving literacy rates and employment levels. Supporting small businesses increases the GDP and the economy of the country.

Our platform would uplift the below poverty line- women (tribals as well) and rural communities and would provide a source of income to hone their skills as well as contribute to the society and development of the country/world.

FiIltering products based on the stock values of different companies to promote small businesses and provide a helping hand for their upliftment.

To implement this idea, whenever a user searches for a product, we fetch the ticker symbol() from the company name, pass it through an API to get the real time stock value. Based on the stock value that we obtain from this API, we classify the various products by sorting it in an ascending order.

This helps companies (small or rural) with no or low stock values to be publicized and be highlighted among other companies. This in turn gives a better opportunity for smaller companies to come up.

Challenges we ran into

Classifying the businesses in terms of their stock value posed as a major hurdle for us as the ticker value for the same as we were not able to fetch the stock value for certain companies so we had to try multiple approaches such as scrapping to get the same. It took a while to implement the text to speech conversion and we couldn't achieve the required accuracy levels in the speech to text conversion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're glad that the stock based classification worked for us and how all these three independent features were integrated into this platform.

What we learned

Researching about stocks was something new to us and we learnt that many sections of people still don't have access to e-commerce websites.

What's next for TriFacto

Extending our platform to include diverse sections of a society and make it accessible to people with disabilities, low literacy levels and incorporate other regional languages in the text to speech conversion section.A mobile app would prove to be beneficial in the near future.

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