Wifi is not available everywhere, especially when you are traveling in foreign lands. Also there are many areas of the world were network accessibility is a huge challenge. Another use case that is exciting is providing connectivity in disaster situations.

What it does

Providing a protocol to buy and sell WiFi connectivity in exchange for IOTA tokens. Bandwidth can be bought on demand for tiny amounts of money, using IOTA micro-transactions.

How we built it

We have an ESP8266 micro-controller providing a WiFi access point. This is connected over Serial to a Node.js server which is managing payments using a HashStax-configured IOTA node. We have a frontend built in React that shows WiFi providers who is connecting and using their bandwidth, and connects with the BlockStack identity system. We also have a simple chat app built in javascript to show how one can pay and connect to a Trident Wifi router.

Challenges we ran into

HashStax is great for setting up nodes, but difficult to connect to because of the VPN required. Also it does not connect to the global IOTA network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of all the work we did on this project. We think the ability to provide ad-hoc networks for anyone to use can revolutionize data sharing.

What we learned

We learned a lot about HashStax, Blockstack, and IOTA!

What's next for Trident

We want to continue workin on incentivizing public WiFi access for the good of the world!

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