-What inspired you?

  • The inspiration behind Tridea was the lack of simplicity revolving finding others that could be a huge benefit to your team. Everyday as we browsed the internet we saw the same thing over and over(especially on Facebook a.k.a Hackathon Hackers & etc.), people were struggling to find teammates, partners or even potential co-founders. Yes, you could go onto Freelance.com, but why? When we imagined this idea, we knew it could potentially escalate very quick. Making it a lot simpler and more trustworthy for users rather than having to bid on projects just to get shut down by a higher bid.

Who is your target user?

  • Anyone and everyone with an idea, development skills or graphics expertise. Virtually anyone may be able to use Tridea to connect and start working together right away.

What key features are you most proud of?

  • Theres no key feature that we wanted to portray mainly, but rather an idea of bringing people together so easily and simply to create amazing things. We have a chat room coming for the users as well, to collaborate and talk about their works.
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