Would love to interact with my favorite streamers and discover new streamers as well!

What it does

What better way to discover new streamers and to have a chance to learn who is very engaged with the community from streamers and viewers alike.

We wanted to make an extension to also help lurkers become engaged with the streamer. Its not hard to choose between a trick or a treat! In a future version we could allow a user to collect these tricks or treats and have viewer discover new streamers.

The Halloween extension is built to increase engagement between viewers and yourself. As viewers choose a trick or a treat, the icons will grow and eventually force you the streamer to act! How will you reward or trick your community using this extension? Will you say your catch phrase? Will you do a little dance? Maybe, just maybe you will do your fav rendition of Whitney Huston love will go on? You decide?!

Viewers can ask for a trick or a treat. The stream can choose what a treat and what a trick is for their community. They know their audience. This also gives an opportunity for sponsor bits for the community or give free subs for the holiday cheer!

How we built it

The twitch developer rig is a much better experience than how it was before.

Challenges we ran into

Debugging an older developer rig because the docs were outdated. It didn't come to our attention until we communicated with the developers over Discord. Fast response and very helpful. Second was understanding the needs of the streamers and how it can be very user-friendly and streamer-friendly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Happy to meet the twitch family and other students who are very excited about the world of opportunity that twitch extensions can give to those with developer experience and explore what opportunities that can make gaming and community more fun!

What we learned

Creators are looking for more engagement for their channels and are on the lookout to try out more, but only if it doesn't shard the experience for their streamers. We learned a lot about offline extensions like panels and online extensions like video overlays that make streaming even more fun!

What's next for TrickOrTreat?

Popping Emojis, special edition candy by awesome Partnered Twitchers & Affiliates and more! Also considering to make it mobile-friendly as soon as possible given 25% of viewers are watching via mobile and that 40% only interact to english but everybody loves interacting for "candy" souveniers!

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