The internet era brought a lot of new good things as well as real challenges. Esports, decentralized communities, freelance, whatever. Making a monetary agreement over the internet is a common practice today, however, there are more and more cases when people are fooled and are just not getting paid.

It seemed that there are still no useful complete decentralized applications out there that could help those people to stay secure with their work. We decided to take the challenge and develop such an application from scratch on the EthCapeTown.

What it Does

Trickle is a complete application that allows people to create hourly-rate-driven contracts between multiple parties in any ERC20-compatible tokens or stablecoins. It implements the most transparent monetary relationships between the customer and contractors (employer/employees, teams/players and so on).

  • From the contractor's side, the agreement is 100% safe as tokens accrued to their balance are permanent. If the employer decides to cancel the agreement, the contractor just stops providing services, without losing a thing.
  • From the employer's side, the employer doesn't lose too much when they get a bad contractor. It's the employer's responsibility to check how well the contractor is doing. And they can cancel the agreement at any time for a reason.

For example, when you are a contractor with an hourly rate of $20, you can withdraw your funds at any time: $1 after 3 minutes, or $10 after half of an hour, or $200 after 10 hours. Before the agreement is established, the employer determines the period of an agreement, and the tokens are locked on the smart contract. Later, the smart contract releases tokens to the employee according to their hourly rate.

The employer has a convenient way to manage multiple contracts.

How We Built It

Trickle is made with love during EthCapeTown hackathon. We are DreamTeam, the team of two full-stack developers who love creating useful things.

Challenges We Ran Into

We had quite a tiny timeframe for this complex project. There were many edge cases which we needed to handle, and still, there are a couple left at the moment of me typing this text and preparing for the final presentation.

Accomplishments that We're Proud of

We've nailed the tooling, planned our time carefully and as a result made the project as complete as possible.

What We've Learned

We learned a lot about the local culture and global Ethereum community :)

What's Next for Trickle

Automated notifications for agreements (email and messengers), different types of agreements, recurring agreements and many more!

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