Trick shot is easy to play pool style game for your gear watch. The goal is simple, use the white cue ball to drop the coloured balls! To take a shot use your finger to drag out the cue line of shot. Release your finger to take the shot. Hold you finger down for more than 3 seconds to start the screw bar. Release to fire a screw shot. There are 4 modes of play :- 1) Practice - just drop the single ball to get in some practice 2) Time Trail - drop all the balls as quickly as possible 3) 2 player - play against a friend on your gear watch. You each have to drop your own colours. 4) 2 player Wifi - play against a friend who has his/her own gear watch. Using the wifi on your host smartphone Trick Shot will enable wifi game play You can also choose between a small or large table size. A large table size is more difficult since the shot may not be entirely visible on your screen. Trick Shot will automatically pan the view to keep the cue ball viewable. You may use pinch to zoom to getter a better view.

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