The coronavirus has devastated the United States and the mental health of many whom reside there. With a favorite holiday of many right around the corner we decided we would like to bring the Halloween experience into the living room of millions around the country.

What it does

Using only rudimentary VR concepts, we are able to run our game on anything from a phone in a google cardboard, to an oculus rift. The player is able to explore a "vast" neighborhood and go door to door to receive candy from all of the many houses.

How We built it

Using Unity Game Engine, our team worked tirelessly over many hours. Using both pre-built VR libraries and many custom scripts we have brought the Halloween experience to the user.

Challenges We ran into

With nobody in the group having any prior unity or VR development experience, we started the weekend with no clue what we were going to do. The hard work we put in helped us overcome many of the challenges we were faced with due to our little preexisting knowledge.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We are extremely proud of learning the basics of Unity and VR development in only a weekend. Our group worked together in a way never before seen. Without our well thought out planning we would have had no clue where to start and how to get to our end goals.

What We learned

We learned how fun game development is, the entire group learned Unity, C#, Blender, and more in order to accomplish what we had set out to do.

What's next for Trick or Treating Simulator

Adding multiple maps, more houses, and mini-games are all things we see in the future for our game.

Built With

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