It's the tenth month of the year, that means it October, and what does everyone almost automatically think of when they hear about October, Halloween. In the year 2018 there are many dangers for young children in going out to get their trick or treat on, but these dangers are less of a threat because of parents walk with the young children. Being teenagers ourselves, we understand that teenagers font always want their parents to be where ever they are, and having parents ourselves we understand that they always want to know their child is safe.

What it does

That's where our app, Trick or Treat tracker comes into play. It allows a child to have an application open that tracks their position and places the coordinates on a map on the parents phones.

How we built it

The application was programmed using HTML and JavaScript in Visual Studios Code and Node.js

Challenges we ran into

The highs outweighed the lows, but there were still many lows. One major problem, which we spent a lot of time on, we faced was trying to POST the coordinates from the tracker back to the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

. While we faced many problems within development of our app, we also had success in many areas. With the help of the volunteers at HAkron, during the late night we completed a working server which uses web sockets to communicate with our other devices and programs, tracking coordinates to server to a map which places a point where the child is.

What we learned

Through our time at HAkron, we have about many aspects of a technology career. We learned that google is a programmers best friend, and hacking may take long night to finish, but it is all worth it in the end when you have to satisfied feeling of accomplishment. We also learned many technical things, we listen to talks about API's, web development and presentation skills.

What's next for Trick or Treat Tracker

When we first started the HAkron, we had planned big for our project. We quickly realized that was going to take more than 24 hours. We started with our big goal, and accomplished it, but by they time we did it was time to wrap up. Our ideal project would have allowed user to set an area that their child would be allowed in and alert the parent if thy left the area. It would also featured a page where house owners could add their house as open and list the candies they were giving out, which teenagers and children could see on the map.

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