Our main inspiration was direction when you're out trick or treating. It's important to know where you're headed so this app will guide you around during Halloween and let you know where your next stop is on the way. Me and my team used HTML for this website and JavaScript for the main functionality. I was also responsible for the CSS front-end which is animated giving it a nice modern flair. Sunny was responsible for the image which can be seen in the bottom left of the page and also he integrated the music onto the site to help with the creepy atmosphere. Freya was responsible for the main logo and title of the site which can be seen when you open the site, it also is very creepy looking!

button.onclick = function() {
    var result = dice.roll();

The above function is just one example of the JavaScript which was created for this project, and this specific function allows for the number to be printed out to the user once the button is pressed. There is also many other methods like this which can be seen on my GitHub. We created this project using GitHub and VS code which we both pulled and pushed from during the development. While this project may not seem all that advanced, it can be developed further in the future and I have created concepts for this project to include the history of houses which have been visited as well as a live location API which will show fellow "trick or treaters" using the website in real-time!

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