National agencies (mostly scientific ones) have been using crowd-sourcing for years in order to process big quantities of data quicker, find new collaborations and unknown patterns previously hidden in their data, and increase their social impact and awareness in their fellow-citizens. This crowd-sourcing has been really useful and successful when the collaborative process is gamificated.

What it does

Allows all the citizens of a country to help in the cybersecurity surveillance of the social networks in a funny and entertaining way (Tinder-based game). Possible cyberattacks related data is mined from Tweeter. This data is displayed to the user: if the user thinks that it is showing a real possible threat, he/she will swipe right (threat); if he/she thinks it is just a prank or not a useful information, will swipe left (trick). The feature of "SuperThreat" has also been enabled.

From the responses of the different users, the app will decide if the tweets represent a threat (if enough people have swept right) and will notice it to the security agency (NSA). The game is leadership based, giving more desition power (votes) to the people that have guessed more tricks&threats right.

By competing and achieving challenges, they increase the effectivity of the game by being able to detect in a more accurate way possible cybersecurity threats.

How we built it

Using ionic we were able to develop an app that collects relevant cybersecurity-related tweets and displays them in groups, so the people can interact with these tweets in a Tinder-way.

Challenges we ran into

Inspiration came late and the time we had to develop the app was short.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to bring a different approach to a problem, thinking outside the box. In a simple and funny way we are able to make people be more aware of cybersecurity national challenges at the same time they take their part in helping their country.

What we learned

Previously unkwon cybersecurity facts and the infinite possibilities that powerful crowd-sourcing can achieve.

What's next for Trick or Threat

1) Integration of any source, not just Twitter 2) Relevant files also attached (audio…) 3) Integrate a Cybersecurity trivia 4) Special awards: events, challenges… 5) Unlockable achievements

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