Chronic hair pulling, or Trichotillomania, is one of many impulse control disorders that affect 10% of the US population. Trichy the Pullbot is a configurable digital chatbot therapeutic that augments therapists during CBT/habit-reversal therapy to increase the efficacy of treatment for chronic hair pullers.

Other related disorders that could benefit from our solution:

  • Body focused repetitive behaviors (hair pulling, skin picking, cheek biting, nail biting)
  • Hoarding disorder
  • Impulse control disorders


  • Stigma
  • Lack of accessibility since few therapists are specialized in the issue
  • Accountability is extremely hard
  • Relapse is common

Habit-reversal is an evidence-based therapy used to treat substance-use disorders, BFRBs, and other impulse control disorders. The three components are 1) awareness training 2) stimulus control and competing response training 3) social support.

We built: 1) A chatbot called Trichy that helps facilitate habit-reversal therapy for people suffering from Trichotillomania. It provides self-monitoring features, a behavior analysis dashboard, and custom content like animated breathing exercise GIFs. 2) Platform for therapists that allows them to configure and personalize the chatbot for other disorders. For example, they can use this platform to create flows that are specific to substance-use disorders, which habit-reversal therapy is also used to treat.

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