The Innovative Idea of Immunity Passport for the Post Pandemic Society and Economy

What it does

Immunity Passport Data Collection from Chainlink Oracle Contracts through integration with the data feeds. Immunity Proof Construction in a Privacy Preserving Methods using ZKP based from Oracle Data Contracts Immunity Proofs & Oracle Data based ERC-20 Tribe Tokens and DAO for the Immunity Passport Governance Immunity Tokens Governed by Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) built using Chainlink VRF Immunity Proof and Oracle Indexed DAO is Governed through the the proof of authority consensus Immunity Token Distribution through the proof of stake consensus to securely stake rewards and benefits

How I built it

Computational Integrity Proofs generated from Circom Compilers using Bellman Library ZK SNARKS Circuit Gadgets from Circom Compilers using SNARKjs library ZK SNARKS Verifier SmartContracts generated using SNARKjs library RANDAO Randomness DAO Smart Contracts using Chainlink VRF Proof of Authority based DAO Validator Smart Contracts Proof of Stake based DAO Token Distribution Smart Contracts


Privacy Preserving Immunity Passport through Zero Knowledge Scalable Immunity Data Acquisition through Chainlink Oracle Empathy Centric End User Engagement through Experience Design ERC-20 Tokens for the Immunity Passport Tokenisation Chainlink Verifiable Random Functions for the Immunity Indexing Chainlink Oracles for the Immunity Data Collection Immunity Proof Construction through Iden3 Circom Compilers Immunity Proof Verification through Iden3 SnarkJS Library Immunity Proof Smart Contracts through zk-SNARK Smart Contracts Immunity Decentralised Autonomous Organisation as a RANDAO Immunity Passport Proof Indexing through Chainlink VRF Immunity Passport Registration through Staking Validators Immunity Passport Token Sharing Staking Validators

Challenges I ran into

Issues with the multiple versions of solidity Issues with the Chainlink VRF integration

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integration of Chainlink VRF with RANDAO RANDAO Validator model on Proof of Authority RANDAO Tokenomics model on Proof of Stake

What I learned

Chainlink Integration with Trufflesuite : Circom Circuit Generation for zk-SNARKS : Circom Integration with SnarkJS : Chainlink VRF ConsumerBase : RANDAO model for Tokenomics :

What's next for TribeNet

Built With

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