Our inspiration for creating Tribbit was to provide users with a platform that offers a calm and stress-free experience for socializing with others. We understand that social interactions can sometimes be overwhelming, and we wanted to create a space where users could overcome the barrier of social anxiety.

What it does

Tribbit allows people to connect with other individuals completely freely in a safe environment. As mentioned, we wanted to help individuals with social anxiety by creating this stress-free environment for our players to loosen up in. In Tribbit, you can connect to a server with other frog (our avatars of choice)

How we built it

We built this 2D multiplayer game in Unity using Photon PUN fo rmultiplayer networking

Challenges we ran into

We encountered a number of issues along the way of developing Tribbit. A challenge we faced was integrating the soundtrack into the game, as well as compiling the code. These issues required us to delve deep into the technical aspects of game development and problem-solve to find solutions. However, the most important challenge that we encountered was that although we had some experience creating Unity games, this was our first attempt at developing a multiplayer game. This led to some difficulties with the code, particularly when it came to designing a system that allowed for smooth, seamless multiplayer interactions. We got it to work a few times (the chat feature that is) but it's definitely not certain. We had to experiment and iterate on different solutions until we found what worked best. We created an original soundtrack for the game (one of us is musically oriented) but we were unable to implement it into the game in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Here are some of our accomplishments. One of our proudest achievements is creating a semi-working multiplayer game within a short timeframe, despite encountering several obstacles along the way. Learning multiplayer game development and delving into an entirely new unknown API (Photon) was a real challenge but a lot of fun. We are beginners so it was difficult but we decided to push through even if our final product isn't fully complete. Another accomplishment we're particularly proud of is designing and developing our first successful multiplayer game in Unity. Throughout the development process, we leveraged the unique skills and perspectives of our team members to build a platform that prioritizes user experience and promotes positive social interactions. We're proud of our efforts and are excited to continue developing Tribbit to ensure it remains a fun and engaging way to connect with others.

What we learned

During the development of Tribbit, we learned that teamwork is the most fundamental quality in creating a valuable project. It was essential that we leveraged our diverse skill sets and worked collaboratively to achieve our goals. We found that effective communication and collaboration were key to overcoming challenges and driving the project forward. As we progressed, we discovered that building a platform that prioritizes user experience requires a multifaceted approach. We needed to consider not only the technical aspects of developing a multiplayer game, but also the social dynamics that make for positive interactions between users. This required a deep understanding of user needs, wants, and behaviors, as well as the ability to listen to feedback and adapt the platform accordingly. Overall, the experience of developing Tribbit taught us that a combination of teamwork, adaptability, and a user-centric approach is crucial to creating a successful project. We are excited to continue building and improving Tribbit with these values in mind, and we look forward to seeing how our learnings will guide future projects.

What's next for Tribbit

We have a lot of plans for the future and scalability of Tribbit. Our goal is to fully scale it into a successful and impactful platform that helps people around the world beat stress by connecting with others. We believe that Tribbit has the potential to become a valuable resource for people seeking to build positive social connections in a safe and supportive online environment. To achieve this goal, we plan to continue improving the user experience by incorporating new features and functionalities that promote social interaction, relaxation, and stress relief. We also plan to explore partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and experts in the field of mental health to ensure that our platform is evidence-based and aligns with best practices for supporting mental wellness. We also plan to create original artwork for our players to move around in. We want to create a sort of other world complete with music and scenery that transports people to a comfortable relaxing happy place where you can talk to other people from all over the world.

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