We were inspired to create this web application because we wanted to work on a project that combined our fields (Computer Science and Social Work) and would help the community.

What it does

Our web app asks non-identifying demographic information and uses that to determine what local resources and services may be available to an individual. We provide the address and website of the resource/service where applicable for easy access.

How we built it

I created and deployed a full-stack application that enables community members and service providers to determine what resources individuals may qualify for. I used PHP for back-end form handling and Javascript to display the different forms for the different counties.

Challenges we ran into

Each resource/service had to be entered in manually, which took a lot of time but was worth it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is Shea's first hackathon, and she's proud of getting a project done! Makeda is proud of using PHP in a project for the first time. We're also proud of creating something that can help our communities.

What we learned

We learned a better understanding of PHP and backend development. We also gained awareness of many different services in the area.

What's next for Triangle Resource Connection

What would we do if we had more time? We would add more resources/services to the website, possibly implementing a database. We would like to add resources for Durham County as well. We would change some of the CSS to make the website appear more professional and personal. We would like to get our web app in the hands of service providers so that they may use it to help empower and help their clients.

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