Inspiration : Make My Trip, TripAdvisor websites,Amadeus Api.

What it does : 1) It is a comprehensive travel assistant that will assist the user in booking various forms of transportation, including trains, cabs, buses, and flights, as well as hotels. 2) additionally, our bot will manage the payment transaction. 3) The bot contains a few sophisticated apis for predicting the weather in the cities that the user has entered. 4) The distance and time required to go from the starting point to the boarding point are calculated using a distance matrix api 5) Users have options with the integrated ML model that predicts the Ticket cost of a flight. 6) Separate NodeJS server uses mangoDB to store all user input data for the bot.

 Tasks performed by the our bot :
                  - Booking flight tickets
                  - Booking bus tickets 
                  - Booking Taxi,cab 
                 -  Booking train tickets
                  - Booking hotels

** All these Booking  is done with complete payment process using an api**
Payment process flow:
                 - Payment link 
                - Mail sent
                - Complete the payment procedure
                - Return the payment id
                - Confirm the mail 
                    - Status
                - Generated bill is sent to mail 

** How we built it :**

                      We have constructed entities for the boarding point, destination point, and location. We have also 
                      developed bot routines for dynamic functions, displayed the information in templates, and i 
                      implemented the payment process using api calls.

** Challenges we ran Into :**
                 1) Building an ML model for predicting flight ticket prices  
                 2) Mongodb integration
                 3) Acessing payment processes

 **Accomplishments that we're proud of :**

                  - Sucessfully built an complete traveeling assistant

 **What we learned :**
                     In the platform, we have learned how to make a professional bot.
                     And we have gained knowledge of several tech stacks, such as MangoDB and NodeJs for API 
                     Integration, as well as how to extract every functionality from the platform.

 What's next for Triana(Travel Assistant)  :
                  1)   Our upcoming edition will offer thorough tour guides that will allow users to easily explore various 
                        locations across the nation.
                  2)  To offer vacation packages.
                  3)  In order to expand the reach of our bot .we will be update our scableability
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