mobile app is a comprehensive guide to clinical trials focusing on four basic questions: What? For Whom? Where? When?

To address these questions, breaks down all the complicated trial information into four groups: (1) About This Trial, (2) Info for Patients, (3) Location/Sponsors, and (4) Timeline/Trial Status. To make information-intensive parts of the clinical trial study comprehensible for mobile app users, relies on the features such as maps (locations), interactive timeline for exploring the study and the required patient visits, and step-by-step interactive survey questions to determine eligibility.

The Risks section is of a particularly great interest to potential trial participants. To help them understand all possible side effects associated with the study, showcases an interactive body display to better visualize all the potential risks to different organs and body systems.

Finally, as everyone has a very busy schedule, remembering study visits can often be a challenge for volunteers. The app allows one to set up push or email notifications to receive timely reminders about the upcoming study procedures.

With a simple two-step tutorial, four basic main menu items (Profile, Search, My Trials, and Settings), and an ability to use one’s current location as search criteria, can be seamlessly used anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

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