We've always wanted to find the neatest pranks to pull on our friends ( and to find the useless/annoying hack awards at hacknroll), so we sat down to build this application.

What it does

Outcognito is quite frankly the opposite of incognito. It tweets out all of your activity, to make sure you escape no embarassment on your seemlessly benign browsing session (smirk).

How I built it

With blood, sweat and plenty of tears. Just kidding. Over the last 24 hours, my team and I have built this chrome extension using nodejs, and a bit of client side js script as well.

Challenges I ran into

Frequent HTTP errors and security concerns, and frequent wifi disconnections.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Decided to finally embrace and tolerate a horrendous language called javascript.

What I learned

Teamwork, and always get an ethernet cable. Apart from these valuable lessons, I also learnt a fair bit of nodejs and API principles.

What's next for trial-tweet

A proper overhaul, with improved secuirty and a supposed purpose to mask the true and evil nature of this chrome extension.

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