We were inspired to make the Triage Assistant after thinking about a big problem in our society of long hospital wait times. One of our teammates has a mother involved in the medical industry, and has said that long hospital wait times in Canada put a lot of stress on nurses. We thought of Triage Assistant as a solution to this problem by providing a more efficient way of storing patient data and managing the priority of patients. We wanted to make a simple program where the nurses and emergency professionals could interact and manage their data more easily.

What it does

Triage Assistant allows nurses to enter patient information, including age, gender, disease etc. into a database online, which then categorizes the patients with different doctors based on their condition. The Triage Assistant clearly displays patient information in an organized matter that makes it simple for nurses to interact with. Patients entered into the Triage assistant system will be ranked based on their demographic and disease/injury and be given a priority status. The Triage assistant calculates priority by using java functions to create a score based on the demographic and medical condition. The assistant easily displays priority on the screen to help direct medical attention where it is needed most.

How we built it

We built the Triage assistant using Java, Html, Css and Javascript. Java was used to create the backend algorithim for determining the priority of patients and to rank them. Javascript and Css was used to create the front-end interface of the TraigeApp. CSS and HTML are organized viathe bootstrap framework. Javascript opens a modal on click. Javascript also holds variables input by the nurse/user, and then dynamically creates html elements with the appropriate classes for styling.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge we faced was making the Java back-end compatible for the front-end javascript. We had trouble making a server using Java and send json data make to the javascript program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We taught ourselves many different libraries to use such as Postgres, Flask, Mongo, Wamp. We were also able to create an aesthetic front end part of our program that was user friendly.

What we learned

We learned to use new programs/ libraries and experimented with new languages. For example, we learned about intergrating rest apis into java and javascript as well as using python alongside our java code.

What's next for Triage Assistant

We plan on fixing bugs that are still present int the program. We also want UI more user friendly along with pairing the back-end properly with the front-end. We plan on adding more medical conditions to our priority ranking as well as making relevant and customizable ranking systems for our patients.

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